Pursuits of Leisure


WA State Parks Challenge



One’s adventure quotient can take a sizable hit when raising young children. To help us continue to explore and to engender a healthy love of the outdoors in our kids, we’ve embarked on a quest to visit all of Washington’s 137 State Parks.


Book Reviews



I used to read a lot of books. I still do, though they are now focused on Dr. Suess and the Adventures of Maisy. Most of my literary intake is now via audio book, which is great when you need to consume literature on your lunch walks and occasional bus rides. However, I find it less useful for actually retaining knowledge of what I’ve read. To help this and to encourage me to write more, I’m self-enforcing book reviews.





From January 2015 to May 2017, we lived in the amazing city of Melbourne Australia. At that time we kept a blog – Kraustralia.com. While we’ve given up the website, I’ve resurrected the blog, mostly in text form, here for my own memory.


King County Traverse



In 2023, I set out to run across King County (WA), East to West. On a wet morning in Early December at a non-descript bramble bush on the East Side of Tiger Mountain I finished. Click on the link for a map and more details.



by Andy Krause